Why Hiring a Divorce Lawyer is Worth the Money / by Cassandra Hearn

Legal proceedings are notorious for being lengthy proceedings that can ultimately cost a lot of money.  Divorce is certainly no exception. With this reputation, it should be no surprise that many people will want to come to a settlement agreement with their soon to be former spouse in order to minimize the time and difficulty associated with getting their divorce finalized and being able to move on with their lives.  Some parties may be tempted to attempt to go forward without an attorney even in the event that they are not able to come to an agreement, thinking that they can navigate the process with a little help from the Internet.  There are many reasons why you should retain an attorney if you are facing a divorce.

The first is that, like other legal proceedings, divorce has a high number of technical and procedural requirements.  For example, when the divorce is filed, there are a variety of documents which all must be filed together with the original divorce petition.  If you do not file what is supposed to be filed, your divorce pleadings could be rejected from the outset.  Another possibility is that you could make it all the way to what you hope will be the final hearing and the divorce judge will not allow you to proceed due to a defect in your pleadings. 

Another is that an experienced divorce attorney knows about the potential stumbling blocks in your divorce and how to make sure that issues run smoothly post-divorce.  An experienced divorce attorney will understand the complex “extra issues,” such as how to properly divide a mention or investment account without incurring unnecessary extra tax penalties.  In cases such as these, paying an attorney could actually save you money in the long run by preventing you from losing money in penalties and transfer fees.

An attorney can also help protect your interests from an overbearing soon to be former spouse.  A coercive or pressuring spouse can try to force you toward a settlement before you are ready or before the essential financial requirements have been exchanged.  A divorce attorney can serve as a buffer between you and an overbearing spouse to make sure that your interests are protected and you do not inadvertently waive important financial rights.

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