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Maximizing my Time with my Attorney by Cassandra Hearn

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Court cases can be expensive, and family law is no exception.  Financial issues are often at the center of divorce disputes, which makes the high cost even more of a concern for most divorce litigants.  When cases go on for months or even longer, the amount of money spent on a divorce or child custody dispute can add up quickly.  One essential way to help keep those costs down will be to maximize your time with your attorney.  Knowing how to make the most out of that time can be important to you, your case, and your pocketbook.

First, make a list of all of your questions.  This will help you organize your thoughts and concerns before each meeting.  If you have a check list of particular things you want to address, it will help not only streamline your time, but make sure you do not have to make another appointment in the near future in order to address an issue you forgot to discuss. 

Second, be honest and open with your attorney.  Your attorney is on your side and can only help you as much as you allow.  If you try to conceal information or only tell half-truths, this will inhibit your attorney’s ability to do his or her job and could result in additional meetings or even court proceedings.  Facilitating open communication will help maximize your time with your attorney by making sure you are both on the same page and working toward the same goal. 

Third, be aware of and utilize the different communication methods provided by your attorney.  Some attorneys may provide you with an email or cell phone number.  Sending an email so you have the opportunity to list out your questions and issues may be a good way to maximize your time, as your attorney can provide you with thorough answers that you can reread at your leisure or if you feel confused.  This prevents you from having to ask the same question repeatedly. 

Finally, to really maximize your time with your attorney, make sure you are choosing the right attorney for your case and your strategy.  Hiring an attorney with too little experience or who is not willing to fight for want you need may result in you having to start all over with a new attorney.  Take time at the beginning of your case to really make sure you have selected an attorney that fits your goals.

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