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Simplifying Your Divorce by Cassandra Hearn

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It is no secret that divorce cases can be notoriously long and complicated. Divorce absorbs a lot of your energy and finances, and can be very stressful. Because it can be such a difficult undertaking, it is important to have an understanding of the basic procedures and to stay organized. Simplifying your divorce can go a long way emotionally and financially.

First, the best way to keep your divorce as simple as possible will be to reach an agreement with your spouse on as many issues in your divorce as you can. Even if you are not able to agree on every single issue in your case, if you reduce the number of questions and disputes to present to the court, it will make your divorce case simpler. Fewer issues to present for the court to decide means that there will be less preparation required for court, less evidence to compile, and possibly a quicker court date.

Another way to simplify your case is to start making lists of your assets and debts. If you have a firm understanding of which assets and debts that you and your spouse actually have, dividing them can be done quickly and easily. California is a community property state, which means that your assets and debts will be equally divided. This does not mean that you and your spouse both have to take exactly half of every asset. Instead, it means that you each should receive half, or a fair division, of the total value of all of the assets.

Hiring a great divorce attorney can definitely help to simplify your divorce. Divorce attorneys are well-acquainted with not only the obvious issues for every divorce, such as property division and custody, but also with the more complicated or nuanced issues, such as how to divide a house with negative equity or how to divide a retirement account without negative tax repercussions.

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