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Teaching Deputies about victims' rights by Cassandra Hearn


This afternoon, the Law Offices of Cassandra Hearn will teach a new class of deputy prosecutors at the San Diego City Attorney’s Office about victims’ rights. Ms. Cassandra Hearn will focus on victim rights from the issuance of a criminal case, to sentencing, and through criminal probation.  The presentation will demonstrate the effects of plea bargaining, case negotiations, and the criminal process on victims of violent crime and common misdemeanors.  Ms. Hearn will explain to the deputies what are victim’s options, how they can seek compensation, and their constitutional rights throughout the criminal process. 

An amendment to the California constitution called Marsy’s Law passed by vote in 2008. This law is a measure that provides all victims with rights and due process during a criminal case. Learn more about it here.

The Criminal Division of the San Diego City Attorney’s Office prosecutes criminal misdemeanors felony wobblers committed within the San Diego city limits, Poway, and SR4. You can find a full description of the Criminal Division of the San Diego City Attorney’s Office which will further explain the four units within the Criminal Division here

The Victim’s Compensation and Government Claims Board is a governmental agency that allows compensation for victims of crime. The agency provides qualified victims with compensation for many crime-related expenses. The funding comes from restitution fines, orders, penalty assessments and federal matching funds. Read more about it here.

The following is a list of online resources that victims of crime have to not only gain restitution but also to assist in the prevention on the crimes as well as what to do after the crime has occurred.  

CA AG’s office Victim’s Rights under the Victim’s Bill of Rights

US DOJ office for Victims of Crime

Victim Assistance through the National Center for Crime Victims

Civil Recovery Options through the National Center for Crime Victims

San Diego Police Victim’s Resources

Obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order

Crime Prevention Tips

Victim’s Resources through McGeorge School of Law

San Diego County Victim’s Services

Resources for Victims of Drunk Driving

Resources for Victims of Trauma