Sharing During Divorce – Tips for Sharing Money, Residences, and Property / by Cassandra Hearn

Sharing During Divorce – Tips for Sharing Money, Residences, and Property.jpg

When couples divorce, there may be a large amount of emotional turmoil and conflict.  These conflicts can be exacerbated when the couple is forced to continue to spend time together during the divorce case.  Although the optimal situation is to move out and have each spouse standing on his or her own as soon as possible, this is not always possible for financial or logical issues.  There are some basic rules you can follow to help smooth your path when sharing money, your residence, or property with your spouse during a divorce case.

First, divorce usually requires a fair amount of financial reorganization for both parties.  When you and your spouse must continue to share money, it is important to sit down and produce a detailed and realistic budget.  Especially in cases where one spouse has been traditionally responsible for managing household finances, creating a budget together can help both spouses acquire a firm handle on exactly how the household funds are spent and can reduce arguments by providing insight into the household finances.

Second, if you are still residing in the same house, each spouse should have his or her own space, which optimally means separate bedrooms.  It’s important respect each other’s privacy by steering clear of each other’s space as much as possible.  Setting a use schedule for shared areas and property can help keep you both on track and as amicable as possible.  This will provide both you and your spouse with a place where you can relax and retreat, reducing conflict.

Finally, you and your spouse need to recognize that continuing to share property, money, and a home will inevitably result in conflict, even if it is minor.  You and your spouse should both remember it is acceptable to retreat to your own space, cool down, and revisit the issue when everyone is less angry. 

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