Can doing rehab help me reduce my DUI? by Andy K

Rehab DUI Charge

Getting arrested for DUI can be a life-changing and costly event. And rest assured, the prosecutors want to see you pay in full for the charges against you. Individuals facing these charges often ask us if checking into rehab will work in their favor. And the answer is…complicated.

None of the information in this article is legal advice, because we only provide tailored legal advice after hearing the specific facts of each client’s case. Here are a few key components: Generally speaking, the higher the BAC or the more egregious the incident, the more likely it is that some form of alcohol rehabilitation would be helpful in your case. However, it is not common for first or second DUI cases, unless you evaded police, fled the scene, injured someone, etc.

For a third, fourth, or fifth DUI, with the counsel of an attorney, you might be able to lessen the amount of custody you face by attending rehabilitation. 

In some circumstances, a substance abuse treatment program (in or out-patient) may be ordered as part of sentencing.  This occurs when an individual has displayed symptoms of alcohol abuse through either their actions in a case or through their past alcohol-related convictions. Sometimes, a DUI arrest can be the “awakening” event that makes a person realize they need help controlling or stopping their alcohol consumption.

What we see more commonly are defendants voluntarily attending counseling or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to confront their underlying substance issues. However, before taking any of these steps, it is essential to consult with a knowledgeable attorney that has success with DUI cases. The attorney may be familiar with alternative alcohol and DUI schools or classes. The overarching goal in any of these cases is that the prosecutor sees you taking the steps to get services or help for your problems.

Rehab or not, the quicker you start working on your DUI case, the higher the likelihood that you will be able to improve your circumstances. For legal advice and protection, call Cassandra Hearn at (619) 800-0384 or schedule a case evaluation.