Drunk Driving

DUI Holiday "Crack Down" by Cassandra Hearn

DUI Crackdown

Police agencies from across San Diego county are warning that from now until New Year’s, there will be a major “DUI Crackdown.”  This means extra police enforcement on the streets, and extra DUI checkpoints. 

They aren’t kidding.  Eight DUI checkpoints have been announced for this weekend alone.  Even if you have not consumed any alcohol, it is still a good idea to avoid DUI checkpoints.  There are many legitimate reasons for avoiding a checkpoint, but here are a few: an unnecessary police search is waste of your time, police are looking for more than just sobriety (such as license status, registration and insurance status, and vehicle maintenance issues), a search without reasonable suspicion is a violation of the Constitution, and so on.   

The following “drunk driving” checkpoints are scheduled for this weekend, but be careful, there may be more coming down the pipeline:   

  1. 12/17/10: 9pm-4am City of San Diego<br>Exact location is withheld from the public

  2. 12/17/10: City of Escondido.<br>Exact location is withheld from the public.

  3. 12/17/10: 8pm-3am City of Oceanside.<br>Exact location is withheld from the public.

  4. 12/17/10: Vista at 900 Vista Village Drive.

  5. 12/17/10: Santee at 8900 Mission Gorge Road.

  6. 12/17/10: Imperial Beach at 900 block of Palm Avenue.

  7. 12/18/10: Poway at 14300 block of Pomerado Road.

  8. 12/18/10: San Marcos at 100 block of S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd.