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Choosing the Right Family Lawyer by Cassandra Hearn

Any divorce or child custody case is emotionally and financially difficult. Having an attorney on your side drastically increases your chances of attaining your goals. Family law by its very nature is highly personal and touches many, if not every, aspect, of your day-to-day life. Because of the stressors inherent in family law and the close nature of the relationship you will have to share with your family lawyer, it is crucial that you choose the right lawyer for you and your case.

It’s best to meet with any potential attorneys in a face-to-face meeting. This is because it is important to get an understanding of the attorney’s demeanor and whether your personalities will make it possible to work together toward your goal. Asking questions during your first meeting is not only appropriate, it is essential to get an understanding of whether your goals and style will be compatible with the style of the potential attorney. Some attorneys have a more aggressive style than others. Be sure to ask questions about your attorney’s typical approach to family cases and carefully consider if this approach will best suit your case.

Another consideration should be your budget. The fees charged by attorneys can vary widely. If you know you cannot afford an attorney who charges the very top dollar, then it will not benefit you to hire him at the outset of your case. This will just drain your resources, and ultimately the attorney will be forced to withdraw when you can no longer afford to pay him.

Discuss your goals with the potential attorney. Understanding your goals and your needs can help whittle down the pool of possible candidates. If your case is exceedingly complex with a large number of assets, for example, you are going to want a more experienced attorney, or even an attorney whose practice focuses on cases like yours.

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