Child custody and a father's rights by Cassandra Hearn


The law is changing to recognize a Father’s equal right to their child. Still currently children are typically placed with their mother after a divorce or custody dispute. However, it is undoubtedly in a child’s best interest to have regular contact with both parents as long as safety is not an issue. It is important if you are a father to get the right information on how to navigate the legal processes so that you are able to get the time and custody that you deserve.

The court will look for a parent who can both physically and financially care for the child. Additionally, they look to establish a sense of normalcy and security with your child. This means you being not only financially stable but also able to be there for their sports games, pick them up from school, and show that you want to be in their life. It is important for fathers to understand that they do have the same rights as mothers and it is crucial for a father to talk with a trusted attorney early in the case so that his rights can be protected and the right actions can be taken